New Beginnings

Jan 15 2020
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New Beginnings

By: Vicky B.

It’s not like I thought it would be. 

I was approved for affordable housing (meaning the price of my rent goes by what I earn) and the following week was moving into my own apartment. I knew after doing all the paperwork that it felt right. With my son Paul moving in with his brother who recently separated from his wife, there was only me and my dog Faith. Here we are living in a beautiful studio apartment filled with new hope and finally what feels like my life is coming together. Faith has found some opposition with some of the residents who are afraid of dogs, but we’re making it work and she even has a boyfriend already named CoCo.

Friends asked what color schemes I was using for each room, which helped out greatly. A bed inside a sofa sleeper made up of earthy tones that remind me of the early ’80s, made sleeping so much better than on the floor. I’m a bit retro myself so I made it work. Faith has claimed half of the sofa as her own. An eight cube storage unit from Walmart, sitting on it’s side, holding a TV that was purchased as a gift, completed the living area. I have the perfect writing desk: simple and sleek with one main drawer, complemented by a decorative parson chair to sit on that’s comfortable but not too comfy. I hope to add some outdoor warm white porch globes to hang above the book and chair area, instead of the floor lamp. My friend John gave me a blue glider and matching ottoman, which gives me a small desk/reading area where I can still hear the TV, but not so loud that it is distracting to my writing.

A pre-lit Christmas tree came soon after I moved in from friends in Phoenix to make my home festive for the holidays. To be able to decorate my own place has been such a joy that I never thought I’d be able to do again. I used to thumb through magazines and do some wish decorating, but only wish. Now it’s become a reality.

What’s next? Finding a new spot to sell the paper, moving from Hermitage to Nashville and continuing my writing.

It wasn’t as easy as most might think. It’s not simply moving stuff in and that’s it. I bet most women are shaking their heads right now understanding every step: unpacking and getting things like you want them. After all, this is home. 

I lived in Hermitage for more than 12 years in one form or another. It was home for a long time. Moving away from the kids (both are staying in Hermitage) was an extremely hard thing to do but necessary for me to move forward. Being able to keep Faith with me was crucial for us to adjust. She’s my Emotional Support Animal and I believe I never would have made it without her even with both of us adjusting to a new way of life and both adjusting to loneliness. The residents here don’t really like big dogs and her being so social was an adjustment for her. And loneliness was an adjustment for me since I don’t really know many people in Nashville. It’s important for me to get out and sell newspapers to become more social and meet new people. At one time I suffered from social anxiety and have a huge fear of that coming back. Being out of the apartment is vital for my mental health. The signs of it are starting so I’ve got to keep moving forward. 

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